Navigation Bar

Want clarity and ease of access? The navigation bar is always at the top, always accessible, and displaying the most commonly-used features. Courses, reports and help are only one click away.

Learner Engagement

There are several features to keep your learners engaged!

status flags per course

On the homepage, right after each course, your learners are presented with a flag showing them where they are up to in their training. The unique flag-system is intuitive and easy to follow, so learners know where they stand with the courses they need to take.

One-click Course Launch

If you want your learners to love the system, you have to make it easy for them to get their content. SnapLearn enables learners to launch their course with one click. 

Smart Links throughout

Want rich functionality without the clutter of multiple links and buttons? Smart Links can help! They fall under each course in the catalogue, and adjust to show the next action each learner should take. For example, depending on where the learner is up to, Smart Links adjust from Launch course to Review course, or Re-attempt course, and finally, Print certificate


SnapLearn features comprehensive reporting at your fingertips:

  • Reporting built-in on the top navigation bar, for administrators, managers and learners. Always there, and always accessible;
  • Customisable data - you can select which fields you want to include, and in what order, by simply dragging and dropping each field;
  • Intelligent filtering, so learners can only see their results, managers see their teams, and administrators can see everything.

You can also choose to export the report contents in CSV format, for import into Excel, or other systems. There are no reporting plugins to install, and it even works on iPads and mobile devices!

Man with computer.jpg


SnapLearn is built to cater for large numbers of learners without a lot of overhead. Not only is it designed to be streamlined and fast, it has great self-service features.

  • Password reset requests are delivered by email;
  • Configurable self-enrolment;
  • Learner access to update some, or all, of their profile data;
  • Self-managed and downloadable certificates of attendance or completion where appropriate.

You can enable as many, or as few, of these features as suits your project.
If preferable, you can allow learners to take control of the most common aspects of the system, without waiting for help. That way, you and your team can continue to create value, instead of spending time resetting passwords - a win for everyone!


Done For You

Concierge Team – Expert help when you need it most. Our team will work with you one-on-one to ensure the system is setup the way you want it. Uploading your logo, course content or bulk-importing users? Not a problem -  our concierge team can help get this done for you!

Hosting Included – SnapLearn is a fully-hosted solution. That means our team manages the servers, network and cloud infrastructure required to run your system. We monitor performance and take proactive action as needed, to keep things running smoothly for you and your learners.

Application Support – When you come on board as a SnapLearn client, our support team is ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. But we do more than answer questions - our Service Desk team is dedicated to making your initiative succeed. If you need help managing users, updating courses or rolling out additional training, send our Service Desk an email  and we will jump on it!

All Updates Included – SnapLearn is periodically updated for improved security and new capabilities. You get these updates for free, at no cost, and without disruption to your system.