With SnapLearn, you can:

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  • Launch your platform within 5 business days, guaranteed;
  • Engage your learners with SCORM-compliant content, without worrying about bandwidth, proximity to your learners, or other technical issues, as SnapLearn takes care of all that for you;
  • Get up and running without exhausting the resources of your IT department - we provide, host, support and maintain the platform for you - so you can focus on the effectiveness of your content;
  • Know where you stand, and keep to your budget - SnapLearn packages are affordable, easy to understand and have no hidden fees or charges. There are no long -term contracts or excessive
    up-front licensing costs - you pay for what best matches your needs, for as long as you need it.

“Simple and easy to use. They provided us with a platform that remained stable throughout. We had very specific requirements, and SnapLearn delivered. We received the best when it came to customer service, and the team was highly responsive whenever we had a question or request.”
— Michael, Systems and Training Manager

Join those already succeeding:
130,000+ learners and hundreds of organisations

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Enjoy one of the most advanced, reliable and responsive
e-learning platforms available in the world today.

Current SnapLearn champions:

  • Launch their SCORM content quickly and flawlessly - impressing their stakeholders;
  • Create learner accounts easily and accurately - so learners can complete their time-sensitive training fast (and without calling the helpdesk);
  • Save money from their technology platform, so they can invest in more content;
  • Get support from a team of experts - like having additional staff who are motivated and competent, without paying for their down-time or training!

How can you find out more about SnapLearn?

Take a look at the SnapLearn packages, select the one that best fits your needs, and let us help you get it done!

If you need a bigger platform, you can contact us for a tailored, complimentary session, where together we can review your project requirements and get it going quickly!